Challenge completed 26th June 2018

Scafell Pike
Ben Nevis

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15,000 FT
of ascent and
of hiking

15,000 FT
of descent by paraglider

of driving

3 countries

The Challenge

The 6 Peak Challenge is the first ever attempt to hike up and paraglide down the infamous National 3 Peaks and the Yorkshire 3 Peaks in under 24 hours.

Legendary within British mountaineering and hillwalking circles, these mountains will combine to test Alex in the toughest endurance challenge he has ever attempted. On paper it is possible, but there are many variables such as weather conditions, traffic and injuries, so no-one knows if the challenge can realistically be completed in the time limit.

During the challenge, Alex will be flying with Niviuk equipment, purpose-made for lightweight mountain flying. He'll be supported by the smallest possible team, driving him between mountains, providing food, rehydration and safety assistance.

The Pilot

Alex has been obsessed with the outdoors and aviation since he was a young child. Since learning to paraglide in 2004, he has flown all over the world in various competitions, challenges and adventures.

Yorkshire born and bred, The Yorkshire 3 Peaks often become his playground on foot or by air.

However, Alex is no ultramarathon runner, just a normal guy. So this challenge will truly test his endurance as he aims to maintain a safe physical and mental condition to launch from each summit.

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The Charities

Alex lives with Tinnitus - a constant high-pitched hissing sound perceived to be heard, but actually created by the brain.

The condition can make sufferer's lives miserable, whilst some can tune out the sound over time, all will never hear silence again. There is no cure but there are fantastic organisations out there like the British Tinnitus Association. Your donation will help them continue to raise awareness of the condition to prevent more people getting it, whilst providing support for sufferers and commissioning research.

It's most commonly caused by prolonged exposure to loud noise, so look after your hearing!

Find out how on the PlugEm website.

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance provides live-saving aid and rapid evacuation for accident victims. They regularly attend situations in remote or hard to access areas where conventional means of transport just can't go or would take too long.

Rescuing 100s of people every year, they now operate two aircraft and need a total of £12,000 per day to operate.

Your donation will help them to continue this fantastic work.

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